Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sweety - 18 months old sweet little Rommy needing a loving home

UK Jan 2012

This little girl was found last year in August. She had been hit by a car and spent two days in a gas station, with two broken legs (both left legs). Although she was in severe pain, she kept on playing with her human rescuers, jumping on two legs.

Sweety is almost 18 months old, neutered, vaccinated. She is a mix terrier, about 45-50 cm tall. She runs and plays all day, loves humans and other dogs. Because of her accident in bad weather or if she over does the playing she can be seen to limp a little, but this of course is to be expected.

Sweety as is the way of many dogs,likes to dig..So maybe keeping her away from your prizes rose bushes would be a good idea! She is still very young and so needs to be trained gently that jumping on everyone she wants to play with is not the way for a young lady to behave!
She will be arriving in the UK Jan 2012. Please fill in our adoption form if you think you can welcome this little girl into your family

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