Sunday, 21 August 2011

Blanca - 4.5 year medium sized rescued Rommy

UK Jan 2012
Medium sized, 4.6 years of age

History - She was the "guardian" dog of an institution, and when new dogs came, she tried to protect the area. She got into fight with other dogs and was severely hurt. Unfortunately the people there did not treat her and kept her there for more than a month, she was took to a vet and was at the beginning of tetanus, showing the first signs. She was put immediately on medication and after weeks of proper treatment, she got well. She has no problems, no side effects, no danger in the future.

She is very friendly with humans, she looks for human contact, has learnt to walk on leash. She is more authoritarian towards other dogs. We can keep her in the yard with other dogs, as you see, but she does not really like to play with any of them, she stays in her corner and does not want to be bothered. When she is not happy, she immediately shows it, by growling. She is more of a serious dog, and would probably more suit a childless household without other dogs, where she for the first time in her life can benefit from one on one attention.
She will be arriving in the UK Jan 2012. Please fill in our adoption form if you think you can welcome this little
girl into your family

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